About Us


We Make it Happen

Holism, it’s Shack Built’s mark and creed. From the sustainable products we use to our rapid response times, we believe that working with us should be like working with a trusted partner who is committed to solving any home building problem. However you use your space, whatever you want it to look like, we make it happen. We believe that spaces have power, and the way they are designed and appointed play critical roles in the ways we use them. Done right, they relax the mind and soul, crafting places where people can create, connect and find calm.

Carefully Selected Materials

The materials we use reflect our values and commitment to sustainable living. Every piece of construction material is carefully considered and selected for its fit in your home environment, and the environment of our planet. More than anything, we build relationships with our customers that last. When you work with us, you won’t need to find any other contractor. We solve all of your problems, plan jobs of any size and get to know you and your values like we would a member of our own family.

We Value our Relationship with our Customers

 Shack Built holistically combines sustainable building, our personal relationships with our customers and the integration of form with function for an unmatched experience. For more information, get in touch here.





"Derick is a responsive, detail oriented, easy to work with General Contractor!"
~ Josh Kropf - Prairie Village, KS
"Derick is a first-class builder, and person. He helped us with two significant projects over the last two years, both of which have really enhanced our lives!"
~ Brett Rhodus - Shawnee, KS