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The Shack Built design & pre-construction process is streamlined when your designer and contractor are both under the same roof. When everything is handled by one entity, you can expect one unified flow of work, from initial concept through completion. When it comes to design-build in Kansas City, you can trust Shack Built to create a quality and cost-efficient project.

Our Other Services

General Contractor Services

If your project does not require designs, then our build team can utilize their years of craftsmanship to implement the designs you already have and create a superior space. Our experts are knowledgeable about the latest building methods and can provide a quality build for your home.

General Contractor Services

Energy Efficiency Improvement Services

At Shack built, we are always discovering innovative ways to create spaces that maximize both comfort and luxury. With the latest energy efficient technology and building methods, we can ensure your build is both beautiful and comfortable.

Energy Efficiency Services

The Shack Built Process

Phase 1: Consultation

We meet with you for an on-site consultation where we review your goals, project budget, and vision. We assess how we can create your dream space, propose a few ideas, and then consider the next steps for your building process.

Phase 2: Design & Pre-Construction

We’ll analyze the details of your project, and determine the scope of work and timeline for your project. This step in the process usually takes 4-5 weeks for smaller projects, but can take up to 6 months or longer for larger projects. Because of the length of time this can take, we have our own separate agreement for this part of our process.

Phase 3: The Building Process

We acquire all necessary permits, materials, and professional tradespeople for your project. Your project manager will use a construction management software to maintain consistent communications between you and all tradespeople, and provide regular updates. The project manager is also responsible for maintaining the project schedule and budget. Once your project is finished, we’ll complete a final walkthrough with you and commence our 1-year warranty.

Project Types

The difference between a functional makeover and a visual update

Functional makeover projects require architectural and structural engineering services to plan for extensive alterations like moving walls and rooms that are changing function. Our services for this type of project will include 3D renderings of your remodel and architectural and engineering blueprints to acquire permits. It will also include cosmetic choices like flooring, fixtures, cabinetry, trim, and more.

Visual update projects have less extensive alterations to a space, and at most would include removing a non-load bearing wall. However, a typical example of a visual update project wold be to update a room, like the kitchen or bathroom, to have more modern features without moving plumbing, electrical, or appliance layout. Examples include updating cabinetry, adding new counters, updating flooring, and more. This type of project may include 3D rendering and engineering blueprints, but only for acquiring building permits.

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