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Outdoor Remodeling Services in Overland Park

A Place for Everyone to Enjoy the Outdoors

Whether you’re looking at building a screened porch, a deck, or any other outdoor space, Shack Built’s outdoor remodeling services in Overland Park can create a beautiful space for you to enjoy the outdoors.

Outdoor Project Types

Screened Porches

We can create the perfect room that transitions between your home and the great outdoors! With a screened porch, you’ll have the perfect space to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Decks & Patios

You can increase your living space and add value to your home with a deck or patio. Savor the warm breeze and sunshine with your family with a custom outdoor space.


A pergola is an ideal structure to add shade to the patio or deck you already have.

Sun Rooms

Our outdoor remodeling services in Overland Park also include sunrooms, which maximize natural light and allow you to enjoy viewing the outdoors while staying comfortably indoors.

Our Services

Design-Build Services

With your design team and build team in the same place, you can have a superior and cost-efficient project. Our design team has years of experience creating custom designs, and can integrate your personal style into your custom designs.

Design Build Services

General Contractor Services

If your project does not require our design services, we’re happy to update your space based on your own designs or those of a third party. Our in-house remodeling team and professional tradespeople are well-versed in the latest building techniques, and will follow your designs exactly to create a quality space that you will love.

General Contractor Services

Energy Efficiency Improvement Services

Our energy efficient services allow us to maximize the comfort and luxury of any home by helping you optimize your space to allow you to save on heating and cooling costs. The Shack Built experts are extremely knowledgeable on the latest energy efficient building methods, so our outdoor remodeling services in Overland Park can offer the best efficiency options.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Services

The Shack Built Process

Phase 1: Consultation

We meet with you on-site for an hour, going over your goals, budget, and, most importantly, your vision. We offer honest and experienced feedback about how we can make your dream space a reality, and we give you a rough outline for the rest of the process and what steps to take next.

Phase 2: Design & Pre-Construction

We’ll look over more details of your project together, then determine how much work your vision is going to need and how much it will cost. This phase has it’s own separate agreement since it can become quite involved and take up a considerable amount of time—typically 4-5 weeks for smaller projects, and up to 6 months for larger projects.

Phase 3: The Building Process

We order materials, acquire all needed permits, and maintain constant communication with you, your project manager, and all tradespeople. We use a construction management software to provide consistent communication and ensure that everything is staying on schedule and on budget. Once your project is completed, we’ll do a final walkthrough, complete any final touches, and commence our 1-year work warranty.

What You Can Expect Working With Shack Built

Forward-Thinking Mindset

Our team at Shack Built works tirelessly to improve our services to provide our clients with projects they’ll love.

Advanced Building Methods

For Shack Built, accepting the status quo means our work becomes stagnant and unoriginal. We are constantly looking at new and innovative techniques to improve our builds.

Tech-Based Advancements

Using the latest technology is vital to providing our clients the best building experiences. So we make it a priority to have the latest development in construction technology.

Learn More, Build Better

Though it may be a simple idea, it’s made us one of the most sought after teams from construction and remodeling.

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