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Exterior Remodeling in Overland Park

Enhance the Beauty of Your Home

With Shack Built’s exterior remodeling in Overland Park, you can drastically improve your home’s durability and curb appeal. The exterior of your home is the most public-facing and gives neighbors, visitors and anyone just walking by their first impression of you and your home.

Exterior remodeling can include projects like new siding, landscaping, a new paint color scheme, new windows and an eye-catching entryway with a new door, hardware and outdoor lighting. Perhaps adding a portico or a large welcoming front porch to your home is something you’re considering. Whatever your desires, we can make the exterior of your home both beautiful and functional for years to come.

Our Services

Design-Build Services

Finding the right designer for your exterior remodeling in Overland Park does not have to be an intimidating process. Our in-house design team has years of knowledge and experience creating beautiful custom designs. They are experts at incorporating your personal style into your project, and can work with our build team to ensure your project is cost-efficient.

Design Build Services

General Contractor Services

Our team of builders and tradespeople can build any designs you may already have. However, they will infuse their expert craftsmanship into every step of the process to produce a quality build that exceeds your expectations.

General Contractor Services

Energy Efficiency Improvement Services

Our team is constantly learning new and innovative methods to create a balance between building beautiful and comfortable spaces. Shack Built’s energy efficiency services can create spaces that are equally beautiful and comfortable, and will save you on heating and cooling costs.

Energy Efficiency Improvement Services

The Shack Built Process

Phase 1: Consultation

We are a Kansas City contractor that begins our process with an hour-long on-site consultation to review your exterior remodel, and examine your project goals, budget, and vision. We discuss how we can make your vision become a reality, and brainstorm ideas on how to make the most of your project. After that, we’ll discuss the next steps for your project.

Phase 2: Design & Pre-Construction

This phase can become quite extensive depending on the size of your project. For smaller projects, this step could take about 4-5 weeks, and for larger projects, it could take 6 months or longer. Because of this, we have a separate agreement we’ll require you to sign before we start.

Phase 3: The Building Process

Once design and pre-construction have been completed, we acquire all necessary building materials and permits. We ask you to sign up for our construction management software, so you can constantly stay in contact with your project manager and tradespeople, and to stay updated on your project milestones. Once your project is finished, we’ll walk through with you, make any final adjustments as needed, and then begin our 1-year warranty.

What You Can Expect Working With Shack Built

Forward-Thinking Mindset

Our team is constantly learning and improving our work. We never accept the status quo about how our work should be completed.

Advanced Building Methods

At Shack Built, we prioritize remaining knowledgeable about the latest building methods and techniques.

Tech-Based Advancements

We stay updated on the latest technological advancements to offer our clients nothing but the best services like consistent communication and 3D renderings.

Learn More, Build Better

It may be a simple concept, but it’s helped our team to become a contractor that clients can trust.

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