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How to Create the Ultimate Entryway | Nailing Your First Impressions

Image provided by Anna Zabriskie, Owner & Founder of Rōan Interiors.

You never get a second chance at a first impression. Your home’s entryway—both exterior and interior—sets the mood for your entire space.

When most people think about revamping their entryway, they think about swapping out an old rug, adding a console table and coat hooks, or maybe hanging a cool art piece. All of that is great, but if you’re looking to optimize functionality and set the right tone, there’s a lot more you can do.  

Shack Built’s experts are here to break down our unique approach to entryway design in Overland Park, so you can impress your guests and feel right at home from the moment you arrive at your front door. 

The Layout

If you haven’t heard of building science—the backbone of our process—here’s a quick lesson. Every element of your home works together to determine how functional it is as a whole, determining everything from your energy bills to your family’s safety and comfort. In short, one small change can have big consequences.

That’s why we don’t just consider the spatial aspects of what’s convenient and comfortable to walk into, but also how it integrates with the rest of your home. Do you need built-in storage shelves so your guests stop tripping over your kids’ shoes? Or maybe a closed-off mudroom? Do you want to leave the space open to the kitchen to foster a connection between the cook and the rest of your family?

We recognize that this space has to serve a range of functions, most importantly, as a home for quality time. We’ll help you determine what you need and want, so we can set the impression you want while making day-to-day operations smoother. 

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The Door

These choices lay the foundation, not decorations. Don’t feel limited to a boring door! When you come to us for entryway design in Overland Park, we’ll help you find the right windows, doorknobs, wood stain, and everything in between to infuse your personal style into more functional pieces—from modern pivot doors to rustic sliding barn doors.  

The Details

Now for the fun stuff! You can spice things up with the little things, and we’re not just talking about artwork. Whether you want to go for a bold wallpaper, add an unexpected patterned stair runner, or even swap out your traditional staircase for sleek floating stairs, we can do it all for any aesthetic. 

The Exterior

Don’t overlook what it feels like to enter from the outside of your home—it’s a crucial part of the experience. That’s why we offer custom exterior renovations, too!

Come to Shack Built to See the Bigger Picture

At Shack Built, we’re committed to taking the stress out of the remodeling equation and doing it the way it should be—honest, collaborative, and right. We didn’t become the go-to contractors for entryway design in Overland Park overnight—it took years of hard work. Our team isn’t just dedicated to building beautiful homes, but also to building lasting relationships with our clients. 

Contact our experts to discuss your vision today or explore our project gallery for more design inspiration.

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