Cabinet Refacing in Overland Park

Update Your Kitchen’s Feel With Cabinet Refacing in Overland Park

A green bar and kitchen area complete after cabinet refacing in Overland Park

Your kitchen is the heart of your home—whether you’re cooking extravagant 5-course meals for guests or quickly getting macaroni on the table for your kids. Plus, your kitchen is one of the biggest contributors to your home’s value.

At Shack Built, we understand that not everyone’s ready to commit to a full kitchen remodel. That’s why we offer professional cabinet refacing in Overland Park! Tweaking your existing cabinets’ appearance completely changes your kitchen’s overall look and feel. Here’s a look at how our team approaches a cabinet makeover to mesh with (or elevate) your home’s unique aesthetic:

Cabinet Refinishing vs Refacing

In Overland Park, there are a lot of options when it comes to kitchen renovations, and not all of them were created equally. Before we dive into our approach to cabinet refacing, it’s important to differentiate refacing from refinishing. 

Refinishing your cabinets consists of keeping all of the original elements of your cabinetry, and simply stripping and replacing their color or wood finish. If you have laminate cabinets, this isn’t an option because the paint simply won’t stick.

Refacing requires a professional, as this process resurfaces your cabinets with a replacement material of your choice. With refacing, you can also swap out your cabinets’ hardware, molding, side panels, and everything in between to ensure a cohesive final product. 

The Refacing Process

Shack Built’s comprehensive 3-step process puts the power in your hands, guaranteeing that your vision comes to fruition—we’ll worry about the technical stuff.

Phase 1: Consultation

First, you’ll meet with our specialists to discuss your goals, budget, and vision, laying the groundwork for your cabinet refacing project. 

Phase 2: Design & Pre-Construction

Next, we’ll determine the timeline for your cabinet upgrade and map out how we’ll achieve your vision, from door styles to wood finishes and crown molding. 

Phase 3: Refacing

Finally, we’ll get to work! You can trust our contractors to respect your space and your family’s privacy, as there’s no need to stay at a hotel for cabinet refacing. Once we’re finished, we’ll walk you through your new-and-improved kitchen and review your 1-year warranty.  

Refreshing Your Kitchen Just Got Easier

At Shack Built, we’re not just building beautiful homes, we’re also building great relationships. Explore our project gallery for inspiration for your cabinet refacing in Overland Park and contact us to talk details. 

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