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An Expert Guide for Your Kitchen Remodel in Overland Park

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Your kitchen isn’t just a place to cook, it’s a space to connect with loved ones, practice generational traditions, and make memories that last a lifetime. That being said, renovating your kitchen can breathe new life into your home, whether you need more functional space, want to refresh your aesthetic, or a mixture of both. 

No matter your vision—from sleek, modern minimalism to a warm, cozy farmhouse—understanding how to navigate the remodeling process is crucial for making your dreams come to life. The good news is that Shack Built’s experts are here to help you get started, and we’ve broken down common mistakes and misconceptions so you don’t have to learn them the hard way. Here’s a complete guide to embarking on the transformational journey of a kitchen remodel in Overland Park. 

Nailing Down Your Vision

The first step to ensuring that you’re thrilled with the final product is hammering down what that really looks like. Beyond Pinterest, home magazines, and HGTV shows, explore some of your potential contractors’ project galleries and Houzz profiles. Here, you can also get some ideas about their specialties, such as bar and lounge add-ons and energy-efficient improvements

Once you’ve gotten your aesthetic down, it’s time to think about details. From cabinet refacing to island materials and hardware, these little things are crucial to creating a cohesive look.

All this being said, you can always collaborate with your designers once you start the process if you’d like some expert guidance. Finding someone to work with who values your vision and has the skill set to bring it to fruition is easier said than done, so here’s what to look for before you begin your kitchen remodel in Overland Park.

Finding a Reputable Contractor

When it comes to renovations, you get what you pay for. Keep in mind that you’re not just paying for materials, but also for labor—including the years of experience it took someone to master their craft. 

Here’s a list of green and red flags to guide you through finding the right company for your kitchen remodel in Overland Park:

✅ An easy-to-use website with helpful tools.

🚫 An outdated website that doesn’t include a way to contact them or insights into their approach.

✅ An extensive collection of client reviews—mentioning words like “collaborative,” “responsive,” and “respectful.”

🚫Limited client reviews—mentioning words like “stubborn,” “inaccessible,” and “inconsiderate.”

Remember, the contractors you choose to work with will be in your home and around your family, so don’t overlook your interactions with the team. Don’t hesitate to call them to get a grasp of who this company is, and always trust your intuition. 

✅ A high-quality project gallery that includes a full scope of what they do. 

🚫 No pictures of their work or a severely outdated portfolio. 

When it comes to altering your home, whether it be in preparation for your growing family or to boost its value to sell one day, remember that a kitchen remodel is an investment. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Opting to work with first-time general contractors may feel cheaper now, but you’ll end up paying more to fix improper builds in the long run. Hence why we prioritize educating all of our team and our clients on building science.

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What Is Building Science?

A renovation isn’t just about appearance, but also proper function.

Shack Built’s team takes pride in being masters of building science—seamlessly meshing fundamental elements like air, heat, and moisture flow to create a cohesive home operating system. These factors change depending on the materials and methods used during the construction phase, not just now, but for years to come. 

Every change you make to your home can impact this system’s performance and energy efficiency, positively or negatively, in ways you may not expect. That’s why it’s so important to work with a contractor who truly understands building science, in addition to their commitment to collaboration, honesty, and respect. It won’t just maximize your investment, but also guarantee a safe, comfortable space for you and your family for future generations. 

Making the Most of a Consultation

Shack Built’s comprehensive, collaborative process consists of 3 phases, the first being a consultation. Contractors should always be willing to meet with you before insisting that you sign any form of paperwork because, if they’re as dedicated to building lasting relationships with their clients as we are, they pick you just as much as you pick them

You and your contractor should be a team from start to finish on your kitchen remodel in Overland Park. Our experts will help you schedule a convenient time for us to visit your home and assess the current state of your kitchen. Then, we’ll dive into your vision, goals, and budget. We’ll get to work brainstorming the ins and outs of making your kitchen remodel seamless immediately

Navigating the Design Process

Once your contractors have gotten some ideas together on how to maximize your kitchen remodel, it’s time for phase 2—design and pre-construction. This is where your contractors will dive into the nitty gritty details of your project, nailing down the scope of work, timeline, and cost.

Keep in mind that not every company offers design-build services for a kitchen remodel in Overland Park, as some may require you to seek an external designer on your own time. At Shack Built, we handle everything under the same roof, ensuring a unified workflow. If a potential contractor doesn’t offer in-house design services, remember that you’ll be responsible for the communication between the two parties—which mounts up to a lot of pressure, affecting the price, timeline, and final product. 

Setting Expectations for Building

We can’t emphasize this enough: know who you’re working with. 

Once it’s time to enter the building phase of your kitchen remodel in Overland Park, set boundaries for your contractors, and they’ll do the same for you. There is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen when it comes to a kitchen remodel, but you should never feel out of the loop. 

Most people choose to stay in their homes during the building process, but this is completely up to you. We understand that your kitchen is a space you use every day, so we’ll work with you to establish rules to ensure the comfort and safety of your family, as well as the efficiency of our team. 

The Final Walkthrough

A reputable contractor won’t simply pack up their things and send you a text message when they’re done. Our builders will walk you through the ins and outs of your new space, ensuring that everything is up to par. 

Don’t hesitate to mention any final tweaks you have in mind, and we’ll do the same on our end—ensuring that the craftsmanship is up to our elevated standards and everything functions properly. Uniquely, Shack Built offers a 1-year warranty, starting as soon as we’ve completed any last-minute adjustments brought up during your walkthrough. We’re just as committed to high-quality work as you are to your vision, so we’re committed to your long-term satisfaction, too. 

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Shack Built didn’t become one of the most well-known companies for kitchen renovations in Overland Park overnight—it took years of hard work. Our team isn’t just dedicated to building beautiful homes, but also to building lasting relationships with our clients. 

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Meet Shack Built’s Owner

Derick Shackelford: CR, CRPM, CLC

Meet Derick, the brains (or at least, part of them) behind our operation. Since entering a high school trades program at the age of 17, Derick has practiced construction. After working as a project manager for a few years, he gained a deeper understanding of what it takes to instill quality into every project he touches.

As Derick likes to say, “There’s always a better way.”

After completing his college education and getting an environmental science degree under his belt, he made the big move to study in Germany. Here, he dove even deeper into the ins and outs of contraction, gaining a different perspective to bring back home.

When he returned, he founded Shack Built: a contracting company in his hometown of Kansas City that embodies the integrity, quality, and communication he discovered the value of in every outlet of life—especially construction. 

Wondering what those letters by Derick’s name mean? As a NARI-certified professional, he’s been recognized as a highly experienced remodeling contractor, capable of maximizing clients’ satisfaction. Derick is a licensed Certified Remodeler (CR), Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM), and Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC). 

Beyond his technical expertise, he’s developed an elite team of compassionate professionals to further strengthen his connection and communication with the greater Overland Park community. We’re equally as committed to your experience as we are to your satisfaction with your new space. 

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