Certified Contractors in Overland Park

Understanding Your Contractors’ Qualifications

We get it—there are a lot of fancy titles that remodeling companies like to use. When it comes to finding the right team for your remodeling project, knowing who you’re working with isn’t just key to a successful final product—it’s also crucial to ensure a positive, stress-free process.

So, what do all of these licenses and certifications really mean? Shack Built’s remodeling contractors in Overland Park are here to break it all down. 

Professional Certifications

The most important certification to look for in your search for contractors—whether you’re planning an exterior renovation or new interior design in Overland Park—is a professional certification. These certifications don’t just ensure that a contractor understands technical best practices and building science, but also that they’re interested in (and understand the importance of) building trust with their clients. 

Remember, the contractors you choose to work with will be in your home and around your family, so don’t overlook who they are. 

Certified contractors in Overland Park must qualify for the certification before applying, which requires specific experience in their role and ongoing education from year to year. If they’ve been qualified and approved as an applicant, then they must complete an 8- to 12-week course and receive a 70% or higher on the cumulative 4-hour exam. 

CR: Certified Remodeler

A CR (Certified Remodeler) is recognized as highly experienced in a wide range of remodeling areas, from technical skills to business management. This title means that the contractor has a complete understanding of every aspect of a remodel. 

CRPM: Certified Remodeling Project Manager

Certified contractors in Overland Park with a CRPM title have an in-depth understanding of project planning—from staying on budget and on time to high-level communication, risk management, and record-keeping. 

CLC: Certified Lead Carpenter

A Certified Lead Carpenter is well-versed in managing every moving part on the site of a project. Beyond being an expert in various trades, they must also have a high-level understanding of building codes and be able to communicate them between code officials, their team, and their clientele.

CKBR: Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler

A CKBR, like our designer Cara, is an invaluable resource to clients, bringing a well-rounded understanding of how material selection, layouts, and installation practices come together for these functionally demanding spaces. 

Where Experience Meets Compassion

At Shack Built, we’re not just building beautiful homes, we’re also building great relationships. Our owner, Derick Shackelford, is so much more than a boss—he’s a veteran and licensed CR, CRPM, and CLC. Explore our website to learn more about our team of certified contractors in Overland Park, and contact us to talk details. 

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