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Interior Design: How to Maximize Your Investment

While the outside of your home may be its face, the inside of your home is its soul. These are the spaces where you spend every day connecting with loved ones, relaxing after a long day, and everything in between. 

There’s science behind how interior design can affect your mood. In Overland Park, Shack Built’s team recognizes how the look and feel of your home work together—or against one another—and we’re here to share. 

Hint: preparation is key. First, you have to know what you want. Then, it’s time to determine the who, how, and when. 

Nailing Down Your Vision

Start by browsing through Pinterest and your contractors’ project gallery to gather some ideas of what you want (and don’t want) and creating a vision board—digital or physical. Don’t feel restricted to a specific aesthetic, either. If you see any colors, shapes, or textures you like, add them to your board. Even if you simply like the feel of a space and aren’t sure why, save it, and your designer will help you nail down the appeal. However, it’s important to consider the shape, function, and layout of your space, too. 

Now, you can map out your non-negotiables before meeting with a professional. This independent planning step is key to making sure that you don’t have any regrets about being “talked into” something you don’t want when you meet with a specialist for interior design in Overland Park. Don’t worry—Shack Built’s team isn’t here to coerce you into an ulterior vision. 

Making the First Move

We know that reaching out can feel intimidating, but rest assured that the right contractor will make you feel like an equal team member from the moment you meet. Just reach out to their team to schedule your first visit so you can discuss your vision, budget, and timeline and get to know one another. 

Remember to trust your gut when meeting with remodeling contractors in Overland Park. Sure, they’re experts at what they do, but you have the most important voice when it comes to altering your home. 

What does “design-build” mean?

A design-build team consists of both designers and contractors. Rather than hiring a separate designer and contractor, this approach minimizes miscommunication—and therefore stress—and maximizes your investment (both monetary and time). A design-build firm offers unique benefits, as their teams’ high-level collaboration allows them to perform work concurrently. 

If you opt to hire two separate entities, your designer and contractor will work independently from one another, which can pose unexpected challenges, risks, and setbacks. When the contractor can’t provide any input about cost or feasibility until after the design is complete, you may end up waiting longer and paying more to rework the plans for your interior design in Overland Park. 

What are certified contractors?

Professional remodeling organizations offer certifications for contractors based not only on technical expertise, but also their knowledge of client communication and satisfaction. 

Remember, the contractors you choose to work with will be in your home and around your family, so don’t overlook who they are. 

Our certified contractors in Overland Park have completed extensive field and role-specific training, from months of mastering building science to passing the cumulative 4-hour exam. These certifications grant us trustworthy titles, including:

CR: Certified Remodeler

CRPM: Certified Remodeling Project Manager

CLC: Certified Lead Carpenter

CKBR: Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler

Interior Designers vs Interior Decorators

Interior decoration is not the same thing as interior design. In Overland Park, our interior designers play a crucial role in the design-build equation, which includes aspects such as:

  • Site measurements and assessments
  • Space planning and layouts
  • Architecture
  • Lighting design
  • Paint or wood stain colors
  • Wall coverings (like shiplap and wallpaper)
  • Finish selections (like tile and flooring)
  • Door and cabinet hardware and lighting
  • Electrical and plumbing fixtures

All of these materials and finishes come together to set the overall tone of your space, but it’s not purely for aesthetics—it’s also about functionality, durability, purpose, and price. If you’re looking for furnishing or artwork, you’ll need to reach out to an interior decorator

What to Expect When Working With Interior Designers

Where you go will determine your experience when it comes to interior design in Overland Park, so it’s important to note that our process is unique. 

Phase 1: Consultation

We’ll kick things off by taking the time to meet face-to-face for a consultation. We’ll openly discuss your and your family’s needs for the space, as well as your budget and timeline, to inform our team before mapping out our proposal. 

Keep in mind that while our process may look different from that of other contractors, any contractor should be willing to meet with you before requiring you to sign anything. If they’re as committed to building lasting relationships with you as we are, they pick you just as much as you pick them

This introductory meeting may seem unnecessary, but don’t overlook it. This phase lays the foundation for your project’s success, allowing you to form a relationship with your designer and contractor and come together as a team. Plus, you can make sure that you’re on board with their approach before making any kind of commitment. 

Phase 2: Design & Pre-Construction

After your consultation, we’ll get to work immediately to draft up our ideas. Once we’ve gotten some blueprints and designs together, we’ll invite you back to our office to explain our choices and the functionality behind our vision. Every decision we make shares the same motivation—to enhance your space, and, therefore, your day-to-day life.

Don’t be afraid to speak up when you review these plans; they’re only a draft and can always be changed to better suit your needs. Once we’ve collectively settled on a plan, we’ll determine the exact scope of work, timeline, and cost of your interior design in Overland Park.

Phase 3: Building

Finally, it’s time to enter the building phase of your interior design project. But first, take the time to set some house rules with your team. Depending on your situation, you and your family may choose to remain in your home or stay somewhere else during parts of the construction phase for your interior design in Overland Park. 

Hence why it’s important to make sure that your designers and contractors are on the same page with what to expect from one another, ensuring everyone’s safety, comfort, and privacy. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns during this phase, but rest assured that we’ll update you regularly on our progress. 

Your 1-Year Warranty

At Shack Built, we’re not all talk. When we say we’re just as invested in your project’s success as you are, we mean it. 

That’s why we take time to do a final walkthrough with every one of our clients after completing the building phase of their interior design in Overland Park. Here, we’ll double-check that everything is up to everyone’s standards before beginning your 1-year warranty. If anything begins to function less than optimally over the following year, we’ll come out and fix it—for free

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Ready to experience a remodel the way it should be—honest, collaborative, and creative? You’ve come to the right place!

Shack Built didn’t become the go-to for interior design in Overland Park overnight—it took years of hard work. Our team isn’t just dedicated to building beautiful homes, but also to building lasting relationships with our clients. 

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Meet Your Partners

Cara Christman: Designer, CKBR

As a Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler (CKBR) with a degree in industrial design, our designer, Cara, is an invaluable addition to our team. Her expertise lies in how materials, layouts, and installation practices work hand-in-hand. 

Cara understands that when it comes to pioneering interior design in Overland Park, problem-solving is the most important tool to have in your belt. Beyond her unparalleled creativity, she’s acquired a wide range of critical thinking skills over the years of working in several areas of design and remodeling.

Her biggest takeaway—and now, our philosophy—is that design should never be stressful. Remodeling your home is something that you should be excited about, and she’s leading our team to ensure that stress and negativity don’t weigh you down during the process. 


Derick Shackelford: CR, CRPM, CLC

Our owner, Derick, has been in the construction industry since joining a trades program in high school. Since then, he’s worked as a project manager, acquired an environmental science degree, and even traveled to Germany to expand his perspective. 

He brought all of these new ideas—integrated with his own—back home and realized that there’s a better way to do renovations. So, he founded Shack Built in his hometown of Kansas City. Here, he wasn’t just building any other contracting company; he was creating a new gold standard for the construction industry.


Beyond the technical expertise of each of our team members, we can’t emphasize enough that our commitment to integrity, quality, and communication is what really sets us apart. At Shack Built, we’re just as invested in your project as you are, and we’re dedicated to providing a first-class experience to match your first-class service. 

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