Shower Remodel in Overland Park

A Master List of Dos and Don’ts for Your Shower Remodel

Studies show that showers—both hot and cold—combat depression and anxiety symptoms, and it’s no wonder why! You spend a lot more time in the shower than you may think, and the space shouldn’t just be somewhere for you to rinse off; it should be an escape.

If you’re not quite ready to commit to a full bathroom remodel, renovating your shower alone can give your space a whole new feel. Beyond upgrading your aesthetic, you can also enhance your day-to-day by elevating the functionality of your shower. 

Shack Built’s experts have laid out the most important dos and don’ts to keep in mind for your shower remodel in Overland Park—no need to scour the web. 

Do Take Some Time Researching Contractors

Browse the company’s website and take note of their online reviews, looking beyond the star ratings for what real clients have to say about their experiences. Remember that the team you choose to work with will be in your home and around your family, so trust your gut when you get the chance to meet them for a consultation. 

Your contractor shouldn’t just be licensed and experienced, but also collaborative and respectful. That’s the key to bringing your vision to life. At Shack Built, we offer full design and build services in-house, which means you won’t have to worry about finding a designer and being the middleman between your teams. 

Don’t Settle for Inexperience

We know it might be tempting, but trust us, taking the low bid isn’t a good idea. Even if you’re doing a small bathroom remodel in Overland Park, you get what you pay for. Your team should be masters in the meticulous art of building science, understanding how every element of your shower remodel impacts your home’s durability, comfort, and energy efficiency

Do Think About the Details

Think about the big picture first, then hammer out the details. From tile colors to glass doors and hardware, all of these elements work together to create a seamless aesthetic. 

Don’t Forget to Incorporate Them in Your Budget

When you start planning for your shower remodel in Overland Park, remember that the price tag depends on the materials you choose and the experience level of your contractors. Hence why we always say “you get what you pay for”—you’re paying for the years of dedication it took an expert to become an expert. 

Do Prioritize Function 

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, especially your shower, there’s a lot to think about beyond what meets the eye. That’s why certifications and experience are so important, because nobody wants to deal with expensive leaks and water damage after a shower remodel. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your contractors and get their opinion on how to make your vision functional. They should know how to mesh a design with practicality, whether it’s a tub for your kids or a modern, luxurious double shower for you and your partner. 

Don’t Skimp on Quality Materials

If you’re working with an experienced contractor, they’ll walk you through the material selection process. Don’t underestimate the importance of materials; beyond what they look like, how will they hold up with decades of use?

Refreshing Your Shower Just Got Easier

At Shack Built, we’re not just building beautiful homes, we’re also building great relationships. Explore our project gallery for inspiration for your shower remodel in Overland Park, and contact us to talk details. 

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