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Mapping Out Success for Your Bathroom Remodel

On average, we spend more than 2 years of our lives in the bathroom, from showering and getting ready (and unready) for the day to, well, using the bathroom. Hence why almost half of homeowners decide to renovate their bathrooms! Plus, it can increase your home’s value.

Sure, your bathroom functioning properly is great, but elevating the feeling of the space is where the real magic comes in. There’s a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics—which few contractors seem to have mastered—so Shack Built’s pros have laid out what you need to consider for your bathroom remodel in Overland Park.

Finding the Right Aesthetic

The first step to bringing your vision to life is nailing down your aesthetic. Do you want a sleek, minimalist bathroom with luxurious heated tiles, or would you prefer to have a fun, pattern-filled bathroom with a tub for your kids?

If you’re not sure yet, don’t stress. Our project gallery is filled with design inspiration! Plus, we’ve got a collection of 5-star reviews to back up the quality of our work. Here’s a look at a few personal favorites from our gallery. 

Crisp Contemporary

Our team loved working on this client’s bathroom remodel in Overland Park, where we fused modern edges with pops of warmth, depth, and natural elements. This organic, modern style grants you the best of both worlds. Plus, the double sinks and built-in storage are a timeless, functional beaut. 

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Colorful Meets Traditional

You don’t have to limit fun designs to the bedroom! This funky style seamlessly meshes timeless hardware with vibrant colors and patterns, sure to impress your house guests. We understand that maximizing your bathroom’s layout is all about perspective, and this is the perfect example of how lines can draw you in and open up a space. 

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Mid-Century Modern

This one’s sure to make it to a few Pinterest boards 📌 We upgraded this small, original 1950s bathroom to add an extra 30 square feet, turning it into a true master bath. Our team ripped out the rusty old cast-iron tub and created a brand new open concept, staying in line with the homeowner’s love for natural wood finishes.

We added even more space by creating a pocket (sliding) door! For this bathroom remodel in Overland Park, we prioritized keeping the same feel as the rest of this stunning home and built a refined wood ceiling to match the main level.

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Our Guide to Making the Most of a Small Bathroom Remodel in Overland Park

Elegant Marble

This bathroom design isn’t just jaw-dropping, it has everything you could possibly need. From a spacious soaking tub with a view (plus a dual shower) to a Carrera quartz vanity counter and porcelain wood-look tile, this timeless design elevated this Leawood home’s value, but also this family’s day-to-day. 

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Finding the Right Materials

Once you’ve gotten your vision down, it’s time to choose the materials. These choices won’t just affect your aesthetic, they’ll also affect your bathroom’s functionality long-term.

Get ready for a quick science course—don’t worry, there’s no quiz at the end. 

At Shack Built, we’re all about building science, which means our team understands how every system in your home works together. This science is the key to building better, because yes, even spaces outside of your bathroom can be influenced by your bathroom remodel in Overland Park. 

So, here’s an overview of your options when shopping for materials, from little luxuries down to the wires. 


When it comes to bathroom flooring, you have to consider that it will inevitably get wet. 

You can opt for ceramic tiles, which you can add heating technology beneath and completely customize the design. You can also go for a wood look, but remember that there are a few options, which vary in cost and durability, including vinyl, linoleum, cork, wood, and laminate

Learn more about the difference between these flooring options

Showers, Sinks, and Toilets

There’s a lot more to think about when dealing with a bathroom remodel in Overland Park as opposed to a bedroom. A shower, sink, and toilet are necessities, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. 

If you’re looking to invest in a shower remodel in Overland Park, you can choose from dual shower heads and built-in storage to sliding glass doors and steam technologies. As for sinks, there are all kinds of designs, and your choice will impact the layout and your storage opportunities. You aren’t limited to a singular toilet design either; you can opt for a full high-tech bidet or a traditional wood or porcelain build. 

Finding the Right Contractors

Last but certainly not least, you have to find someone to execute your bathroom remodel in Overland Park. You don’t just need someone with a license and a few years of experience, you need someone who’s a true master of their craft, an expert in building science, and keen to collaborate. 

How Shack Built Does a Bathroom Remodel

In Overland Park, there are a lot of contractors out there. Trust us, they aren’t all at the same level. At Shack Built, we’re equally as committed to your experience as we are to your satisfaction with your new space. Here’s a look at how our process works (and what makes it a recipe for success). 

Phase 1: Consultation

First, we’ll kick things off with an in-person consultation. Here, we’ll take the time to get to know you and your family’s needs, your budget, and your timeline, so we can start mapping out the plans for your vision. 

Any contractor should be happy to meet with you before having you sign some form of contract, because if they’re as committed to building lasting relationships with you as we are, they pick you just as much as you pick them

Don’t overlook this first step, as it lays the foundation for you and your contractor to unite as a team. Plus, you’ll get an idea of what to expect during the design and construction process for your bathroom remodel in Overland Park before you commit to them. 

Phase 2: Design & Pre-Construction

Once our team has gotten some blueprints together, we’ll sit back down to review our plans before entering phase 2. During the design and pre-construction steps, our experts dive deeper into your project to nail down the layout, finishes, and everything in between. Here, we’ll also determine our scope of work and the timeline and cost of your project.

Not all companies offer in-house design-build services for bathroom remodels. If you work with a company that doesn’t, it’ll be on you to find a designer and be the main line of communication between them and your contractors. Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

A home remodel of any size should be exciting, not stressful! So, don’t take on responsibilities you shouldn’t have to—let the experts handle that pressure. When designers and contractors work under the same roof, collaboration is easier, which means they can bring your exact vision to life easier. 

Phase 3: The Building Process

We’ve said it once (or twice), and we’ll say it again—know who you’re working with. 

Now, it’s time to enter the building phase of your bathroom remodel in Overland Park. It’s important that you set some house rules with your contractors before this step, and they should do the same for you. 

Depending on your situation, you’ll likely stay in your home during the construction process. Hence why it’s so crucial that your team and your family are on the same page to ensure your privacy and comfort and our ability to get down to business. That being said, you should never hesitate to ask questions, but we’ll send you regular updates to keep you in the loop. 

Your 1-Year Warranty

Another thing that makes Shack Built different is that we’re not all talk. When we say we’re committed to your satisfaction, we mean it. 

After wrapping up phase 3, our team will walk you through your new-and-improved bathroom to ensure that everything’s up to par with your standards and ours. We’ll make any last-minute tweaks you need, and then your 1-year warranty will begin. This means that if anything functions less than optimally within the next 365 days, we’ll happily come back out and fix it for free. 

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Shack Built didn’t become one of the most well-known companies for bathroom renovations in Kansas City overnight, it took years of hard work. Our team isn’t just dedicated to building beautiful homes, but also to building lasting relationships with our clients. 

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