Small Bathroom Remodel in Overland Park

How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

You don’t have to knock down walls and take away precious closet space to create the bathroom of your dreams; you just need to work with experts who understand how to make the most of a small space! At Shack Built, we’ve mastered the art of transforming a room you use every day into a luxury. 

Here’s an exclusive glimpse of what we consider when planning a small bathroom remodel in Overland Park. 

Reimagine the Layout

Don’t feel like you have to simply accept the current layout of your bathroom if it doesn’t feel right. From storage space to where your toilet sits, all of these choices determine the difference between feeling cramped and spacious. Balance is key, and it’s all about perspective. 

That’s why our team offers in-house design-build services—no need to seek an extra team member or worry about miscommunication. When it comes to a small bathroom remodel in Overland Park, we’ll work with you to incorporate your aesthetic and functional must-haves into a seamless final product. 

Include Little Luxuries

Now for the fun stuff—just because you’re working with a small space doesn’t mean the opportunities are limited! Upgrading something as simple as your light fixtures makes a world of difference. 

Here, you can think about the look and feel, from heated tiles to modern sinks. You may also want to consider including a shower remodel in Overland Park in your plans. This is where luxury becomes reality, transforming your daily rinse-off into a relaxing part of your routine you look forward to. 

Prioritize Practicality

At Shack Built, we’re pioneering building science, which means we understand how every aspect of your small bathroom remodel in Overland Park affects your home as a whole. When you upgrade your bathroom, you’re not just making it look better, you’re making it function better. That’s why it’s key to work with an experienced contractor who understands how materials affect your plumbing’s long-term durability (plus, you’ll avoid expensive leaks in the long-run). 

Ready for a first-class experience?

Shack Built didn’t become the go-to for big and small bathroom remodels in Overland Park overnight, it took years of hard work. Our team isn’t just dedicated to building beautiful homes, but also to building lasting relationships with our clients. 

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